Find out more about Rotonda Turtles and their properties in Florida
Rotonda Turtles provide elegant Florida properties on the west coast for sale or holiday rental.
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About Us

Hugh McGough and Marilyn have amassed between them over 25 years of experience in helping clients to build their dream homes in the Rotonda area. Hugh and his wife have lived on Rotonda for nearly 10 of those years. Marilyn and Hugh decided to re-open their consultancy and have chosen the name of Rotonda Turtles for their business. You will see many turtles on Rotonda, but unlike most of us, they have a perfect home which they take with them wherever they go. Our aim is to help you to take your own ideas of a perfect home and build your dream in this area!

Hugh is an ex-NYPD detective who moved down to Florida, buying a house on Rotonda and using Marilyn’s consultancy service for his first Florida home. Hugh then joined Marilyn, running inspection visits and managing the property management side of their original business. If you ask Marilyn why she enjoys working with Hugh, the simple answer is that for her, Hugh is one of the most honourable and trustworthy men she has ever met. Something that Hugh said to her years ago was, ‘if it isn’t good enough for my house, it’s not good enough for our owners homes!’ You can’t do better than that.

Hugh shares the responsibility for inspection visits with Marilyn when potential buyers want to visit Rotonda for themselves. Together with the builder, he will help clients to buy a suitable piece of land on Rotonda on which to build their home. He will attend your discussions with the builder, making suggestions that will help you to achieve your perfect home and to ensure that it is both attractive to the rental market and attractive to the resale market when the time comes to sell.

He will accompany you to the interior designers if you wish to have his input and ensure that you set up a local Florida bank account in order to facilitate future stage payments to the builder if construction is to proceed.

During construction, he will regularly photograph the progress of your new home so that you can see how it is progressing. You may be far away, but that won’t stop you getting regular updates. At the end of your construction, Hugh will liaise with the interior designers to make sure that your home is ready for your first night in your beautiful new home. If required he will also accompany you to your final meeting with the builder.

Marilyn has been involved with overseas property for over 16 years and also currently runs a successful rental service for some of the original clients she helped to become Florida home owners. Her background is in the WRAF, then marketing and sales and a long spell in financial services but her love of this area of Florida and the people here changed her life and her direction. One of her strong beliefs is, ‘however exciting it is to build a new home, perhaps the most important thing is the size of the potential market when you want to sell it’.

Marilyn is responsible for providing clients with the information that they require about Rotonda, how the construction process works, what the running costs of your home are likely to be and any issues that the client wants further information on prior to their inspection visit if that is what they decide to do.

Marilyn also offers an optional full rental service once construction has been completed. You should never buy a house based on your costs being covered by rental income. Best advice would be to buy a house, knowing that you can cover the running costs and then using rental income to offset some of those costs. No-one should ever guarantee the number of weeks your home will be rented. Marilyn could fill your home for $1.00 a week and meet any target for weeks rented, but you should only rent your home when it makes you a profit. Rental income is currently subject to tax. The gross house rental received is liable to a 12% local tax (5% tourist tax and 7% sales tax) and anything taken for pool heat, golf or cleaning is subject to the 7% sales tax. Avoiding declaring and paying tax in Florida can be a costly ‘saving’!

Together, Marilyn and Hugh offer a consultancy to potential buyers, offering their extensive knowledge of where to build, how to furnish and equip a home for occupancy or for the rental market. It’s easy to buy land here (called a lot in the US), but it’s expensive if you get it wrong and many do. All lots are NOT the same and the suitability will depend on your requirements and whether or not you want to rent out your home. Some lots will be more expensive to build on than others, so you need to know that before you buy one!

There are plenty of builders to choose from, but the builder we have chosen to work with this time is one we have worked with before. He has been in the construction business for 38 years, the last 25 in the Rotonda area. He was one of the few builders who continued to build during the recent recession. That says a great deal for the builder and his homes are really beautiful. Very well constructed with beautiful finishing touches. He is also a licensed realtor and a qualified architect. He is delightful to work with and has an excellent local reputation. You do need to know the track record of your builder and if you don’t, then you should probably think seriously before committing to build with him.

We work with an interior designer who again, has worked with us before. Her brief has always been to furnish our homes to show home standard and we have completed nearly 30 new builds which have been furnished by her. She has been in the interior design business for over 40 years in this area and is very well thought of locally, she has even furnished several show homes for some of the local builders.

So, you can have a consultancy working for you, overseeing your build in your absence, sending you photographs and ensuring that what you expect to happen is taking place. But, the key question is ‘how much does their service cost?’ Quite simply, it costs the buyer nothing! The builder values the service we provide and he will pay Rotonda Turtles himself. Our involvement doesn’t affect the price you pay for your home – the service provided by Rotonda Turtles is free for buyers. Why not give us a call or visit our website. If you are thinking about building a home on Rotonda, can you afford not to make that initial contact?

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